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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

  <Submissions are now closed.>

The Dewey Decimal Festival

a festival of staged readings of ten-minute comedies about libraries will be performed Saturday, October 18th at the Chappaqua Library Theatre  

sponsored by the Friends of the Chappaqua Library

We are proud to announce the winning plays for the Dewey Decimal Festival! The readings will be held on Saturday October 18th, 7.30 pm at the Chappaqua Library Theatre - hope to see you there! 


BEATRIX POTTER MUST DIE - Patrick Gabridge, Brookline, MA 

DEWEY OR DON’T WE - Nancy Halper, Summit, NJ 

ELVIS IS DEAD - James Hutchison, Calgery, Alberta 

FULLY VETTED - Russell Weeks, Seattle, WA 


SHALL I COMPARE ME - Cary Pepper, San Francisco, CA 

THE TANGO PLAYER - Catherine Frid, Toronto, Ontario 

2+1= MURDER by C.J. Ehrlich, Chappaqua, NY 

WHAT WOULD DEWEY DO - Joe Musso, Birmingham. AL


The Judges have selected the Finalists for the penultimate round of the Dewey Decimal Festival. 

Congratulations to everyone whose play made it to this level. Winners will be chosen from this group and notified by the end of August. 

Thanks to everyone who shared their work with us. 


Beatrix Potter Must Die! - Patrick Gabridge

Dewey or Don’t We? - Nancy Halper

Elvis is Dead - James Hutchison

Fully Vetted - Russell Weeks

Hambone Hamlet - Don Grimme

Impossible Construction - David Vazdauskas

Nothing Carved in Stone - Michael Chepiga

One of the Great Ones - Chris Widney

Parrots of Paris - Philip Kaplan

Search Oolong Tea Benefits - Rich Espey

Shall I Compare Me? - Cary Pepper

The Measure of a Man - Earl Roske

The Tango Player - Catherine Frid

The World of Knowledge - Kevin Yancey

Two Plus One Equals Murder - C.J. Ehrlich

Welcome to the Gala - Judy Rein

What Would Dewey Do? - Joe Musso

The submissions window is closed. Winners will be announced at the end of the summer. Thank you for your interest!

The Dewey Decimal Festival is an evening of ten-minute comedies
related to the broad theme of Libraries (see details below). The top eight plays 
as chosen by our well-read selection committee will be performed in
October 2014 in the state-of-the-art Chappaqua Library Theatre (capacity 200).
Plays will be cast with actors from local theatre groups, rehearsed, and performed
script-in-hand in staged reading format at up to two performances. 

What kind of plays do we want to check out? 

Play must be a ten-minute comedy*, either:
-- Set in a library (type of library is up to you)
-- About a library
-- About or featuring a librarian or librarians
-- About, or reinterpreting, or otherwise centrally relating to a book that will be familiar to most audiences. Adaptations must be clearly parody or in the public domain. 
-- We will consider a play creatively twisting cliches related to libraries,
or full of puns related to libraries, or daring to do intriguing things with the Dewey Decimal system. 

Remember, libraries are about so much more than books!

*"Comedy" includes dark comedy, light comedy, medium-strength comedy, 
surreal comedy, dramedy, parody etc. It should make us laugh. 

Submission Guidelines
  • Submissions are open to all, even those with library fines. 
  • Local playwrights are especially encouraged to submit.
  • Plays must be ten-minutes or less (ten pages max, shorter is better)
  • We're looking for top-shelf plays! Don't be reserved! Send us your best work. 
  • You may find inspiration in the stacks: try 812, 817, 819, 827, etc. 
Small but Important Print

By submitting your play, you grant permission, if it is chosen, for up to two staged reading performances in the Chappaqua Library Theatre (capacity 200) in October 2014.

If your play is selected, you will be acknowledged in publicity and programs, and receive an honorarium of $5. If you are able to get your-shelf to the festival, you will be warmly welcomed and plied with sugary snacks and gratitude. 

Audiences will vote on their favorite play and the winner will get bragging rights to the Audience Choice Award. 

Donations to the festival will benefit the Friends of the Chappaqua Library, a non-profit community group that exists to raise funds to support the Chappaqua Public Library in Westchester County, NY. They sponsor dozens of adult, teen, and children's programs available to all Westchester County residents, as well as provide special acquisitions not covered by the library's budget, which are available to any member of the Westchester Library System.  

We look forward to reading your play!

Dewey Decimal Festival - Chappaqua Library Friends